Certified Trainers

Eileen Fry

My working background was as a Civil Servant and then Project Manager/Researcher on a Directory "Religions in the UK" before moving to become the Director of the Multi-Faith Centre at the University of Derby, a post I retired from in September 2007. Since then I continued as the Training Co-ordinator with specific responsibility for the Europe dimension. The Centre was one of the initial partners in what became "Belieforama" and following my involvement in the development of the first training module I attended the training for trainers in October 2006.

Farkhanda Chaudhry

Farkhanda has a strong background in equalities, interfaith, training and community development. She has worked with the training module around Religious Diversity and Anti-Discrimination for over five years;involved in the design of the module on Overcoming Islamophobia; and designed and delivered training programmes on a variety of equality/human rights and community development themes over the past 30 years. Her work spans from the UK, particulalry focussing on Local Authority and voluntary/community sector organisations, to Europe and beyond.

Friederike Birkle

In 1998 Friederike Birkle was trained through CEJI, a Jewish Contribution to an inclusive Europe, to be a peer trainer with the A World of Difference Programme© by the Anti-Defamation League. She therefore belongs to the second generation of European peer trainers using this method.

Ever since then, she has been active as a youth leader and peer educator on national and European level, first through CEJI, later through CEJI’s youth department that has become independent in 2008 and is now called EPTO- the European Peer Training Organization.

Guy Nokes

Having completed a degree in Town and Country Planning at Leeds, I worked for Durham County Council in economic development and regeneration. Whilst there I completed a Master in Business Administration (MBA) at Sunderland Business School. I then went to Shaw Trust as Area Manager for the North East, assisting people with disabilities into work.  I was then North East Regional Director for the Novas Scarman Group assisting 'Can Doers' to take their first steps into being active citizens.

Kévin Haddad

Born in France in 1983, Kévin is currently living in Belgium and working in Luxembourg. He is a managing director of 4motion, a luxembourgish educational NGO which develops pedagogical tools, provides awareness-raising activities and trainings aimed at challenging stereotypes and prejudices, fighting against exclusion and discrimination, and at promoting civic participation. Peer trainer in the field of diversity and anti-discrimination for more than 5 years, Kévin is also vice-secretary of the European Peer Training Organisation (EPTO, Belgium).

Oana Nestian Sandu

Project coordinator and trainer of the Intercultural Institute of Timisoara, Romania; Coordinator or member of the coordination team in different local, national and international projects, having as aim the promotion of the intercultural dimension in education and culture, the promotion of the social cohesion and the development of the civil society.

Member of the DYS Pool of Trainers of the Council of Europe; Involved in research on intercultural communication and education policies.

Paul Weller

Paul Weller is Professor of Inter-Religious Relations at the University of Derby in the UK. He has been working with Belieforama since the very first development of its religious diversity and anti-discrimination trainings in the mid 1990s and has been involved in various kinds of adult education training and facilitation for the past quarter of a century or so.

Phil Henry

I am the current Director of the Multi-Faith Centre at the University of Derby. I have a background in Religious Studies, Sociology, Volunteer Management, engagement and training with marginal groups in society. I was involved with the first Belieforama Training programme in Derby in 2006. I have delivered this training internationally, nationally and locally and believe strongly in the potential of the programme to identify and engage participants where changes in behaviour are directly related to the training.

Terry Price

I have been heavily involved in the development of the Belieforama programme and its varied workshops since its inception having worked for one of the partner organisation - the Scarman Trust later People Can. I have helped in the design and testing of both the 5 day RD-AD and shorter 2 day versions. More recently I designed the 3 day Taking Action module which was piloted in Brussels in Oct 2012.

Valerie Russell Emmott

I grew up travelling from country to country in a diplomatic family with parents from different countries, heritages and faiths. This taught me to appreciate differences among people and to adapt to frequent change. Following my MBA (1991), I worked in the telecommunications business doing strategic projects until I discovered my passion for training and facilitation. CEJI invited me to attend the pilot trainer certification event for Religious Diversity and Anti-Discrimination in 2006.