New opportunities in Nottinghamshire & East Midlands

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John Murray
New opportunities in Nottinghamshire & East Midlands

At the UK trainers meeting in Derby last week, I was pleased to share news with colleagues, about new developments in Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands. An enquiry came from the Police, following my approaches to the new Police & Crime Commissioner. I was grateful for Phil's support, at a subsequent meeting with the Police training team, when we discussed a taster day for RDAD. This is to be delivered to some 80 Police Inspectors and other senior officers including the Chief Constable and key partners from Prevent Team, Fire & Ambulance Service, and during National Inter Faith Week. A little challenging to deliver a meaningfull day, but we [Phil, Atheah, Jo and myself] are happy we can achieve a good outcome and leave them wanting more! The Police training designer/ planner for the East Midlands is also attending and I am already in discussion with her, about a programme for front line officers to be trialed in Nottinghamshire, in the New Year. So watch this space. I look forward to next year with anticipation and confidence. John

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Thanks John for sharing this! It sounds like a wonderful and challenging opportunity. I look forward to hearing more about it! All my best, Robin